Help Wanted

Powercall Sirens is currently seeking one individual to take over our Shipping and Fulfillment position. Our current employee of a few years is having to leave the company for family reasons and we need to find a replacement for this position as soon as possible. Full training is provided. This position is mainly a computer/shipping based position, but has many other duties as well. Most of the time for this job is spent sitting in front of a computer and running around the office filling orders. We are a very family friendly, fun environment to work in and most of the people that work here, really enjoy their time as we have a rather good time.

Here are a few things:
a) We are a home based business located in Leesburg, Virginia. We have been in business for 25 years. Must be comfortable working from a large basement of someones home.
b) Must be comfortable working around dogs as the are with us most days.
c) Must be family oriented as our family is very much involved in our business.
d) Must speak fluent english
e) Must  not have any criminal or recent legal issues.
f) Must be a citizen of the United States
g) You must have your own vehicle to get to and from work
h) Must be a non smoker
i) Must be fluent with computers and the internet
j) Candidate must complete a background check

The responsibilites of this job include being in charge of all of the order printing and fulfillment (Shipping). This also involves filling the orders, shipping the orders and taking the orders that cannot be filled and distributing them to the proper person for creation.

They also include learning our shipping software and order filling process. Our eBay platform is also part of this position and printing and filling the orders from that platform as well. The candidate must be good with computers, familiar with how to use the Internet and must be very customer oriented since you will be in charge of communicating with many customers. Must be able to read fine details and check all orders for the proper items.

Salary ranges from 25K - 33K per year depending on qualifications and your work ethic :) Hours are always available, so if you decided to work more than 40 a week, that is always an option.

This is a full time position, Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM. We are looking to begin training immediately for the right candidate. If you are interested in an interview or would like more information, please email me at [email protected]

Contact information is:

David Fierstien
[email protected]
Text is 703-955-6547
Office is 703-669-1193
Toll Free 1-866-774-7367