Chive on Crown Blacklite Trapezoid

Chive on Crown Blacklite Trapezoid

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Our BlackLite trapezoids are printed on the best reflective Black vinyl on the market. When you look at the design with the naked eye, it looks like a black trapezoid as shown in the picture below to the left. Hit with a flash and you get what you see on the right picture. If you are looking to have something specific made on this type of material, please feel free to contact us

KCCO Blatlite Trapezoid KCCO Blatlite Trapezoid

As with any of our decals, you can customize this design in any way shape or form.  You are welcome to change the color layout and the text layout.  The only thing that cannot be changed is the actual design itself.  You are welcome to change any text in or around the design and alter the colors if you choose.  There is a two dollar customization fee to change this design.