Maine Thin Blue Line Decal

Maine Thin Blue Line Decal

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Thin Blue Line Decals

The materials that we use are the highest quality materials on the market today.  We generally use all 3M product and occasionally use Oracle.  We use the highest performance possible to ensure the best quality.

Our wall graphic material is Oracle 631 wall vinyl and is made to stick to the wall for upwards of three years and still be able to be removed without damaging the wall.  This material is awesome for turning your graphic into a wall sticker.

<p><span style="font-family: book antiqua,palatino; font-size: medium;">All of our graphics can be customized as we design all of our own decals. If you are customizing this decal, please ensure that you leave a detailed explanation of what you are looking to change. The more detail we have the quicker we can get your design completed. Customizations can include text above, over or inside the design you are working with, as well as color changes and more. The only item that is not customizable is the actual design of the graphic. If you are looking to change the entire graphic, this option is available and requires customization quote, inquire within.</span></p>