My Daughter is an EMT Star of Life Decal

My Daughter is an EMT Star of Life Decal

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PLEASE REMEMBER that the single color decals are "DIE CUT". This means that the middle sections are transparent. Whatever surface you apply them to will be seen through areas of the decal.

Decals that have full designs inside are not Die Cut and cover the area that you apply them to.
Our decals are available in sizes from 2" Tall (Helmet/Hard Hat Size) up to 34" Tall.
The standard size for a helmet or hard hat is 2" tall and reflective material.
The standard size for window decals is 4" non reflective material.
They are printed on the best 3M Non-reflective and Reflective Material on the market today. Generally, each item has a layer of "Blue Grid Line" application tape over the top of the decal to assist you with proper application.

Once the decal is applied to it's chosen surface, the "Blue Grid Line" application
tape must be removed. Please make specail note of this as it is commonly forgot.

Each item is made to go on the OUTSIDE of your vehicles window, the body or bumper of your vehicle or any flat surface. The vinyl is NOT made to go on drywall, clothing or wood. If you want something that will stick to drywall, wood or other hard surfaces, we recommend you choose the "Wall Graphic" option, as this material is made to stick on those types of surfaces. All of our decals are die cut so there are no square or rectangular backgrounds.
For more information on the "Wall Graphic" material, see the Wall Graphics tab. This material is great for putting on your drywall and then being able to remove it without damaging the drywall.

There are quantity discounts that get automatically applied to your order, depending on the amount of items in your cart. Below is a table of the discounts available when purchasing our decals.
1 Item(s) to 11 Item(s) - No Discount
  12 Items to 23 Items 2% Discount
24 Items to 35 Items  5% Discount
36 Items to 49 Items  7% Discount
50 Items to 74 Items 10% Discount
75 Items to 99 Items 15% Discount
  100 Items to 124 Items 17% Discount
125 Items to 149 Items 19% Discount
150 Items to 199 Items 20% Discount
200 Items to 249 Items 22% Discount
250 Items to 349 Items 25% Discount
350 Items to 499 Items 35% Discount
500 Items to 1000 Items 50% Discount

The materials that we offer for graphics are 3M top-of-the-line vinyl. The 2" helmet size is always printed in reflective material and sizes from 3" and above have the option of regular non-reflective vinyl or reflective scotchlite vinyl. If you are looking for an inexpensive economical vinyl, please send us an e-mail to [email protected] with your request.

<p><span style="font-family: book antiqua,palatino; font-size: medium;">All of our graphics can be customized as we design all of our own decals. If you are customizing this decal, please ensure that you leave a detailed explanation of what you are looking to change. The more detail we have the quicker we can get your design completed. Customizations can include text above, over or inside the design you are working with, as well as color changes and more. The only item that is not customizable is the actual design of the graphic. If you are looking to change the entire graphic, this option is available and requires customization quote, inquire within.</span></p>