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Are you looking to buy an emergency siren for your Firetruck, Police car or ambulance online? Powercall Siren is the leading one stop shop for all your Emergency Siren needs. We offer multiple different units to fit your apparatus. Look for the "Fierstien Brand" when purchasing a real Powercall Siren and don't settle for the competition and their "Wannabe Sounds".

Emergency vehicle sirens are compatible with any application & speakers (100 Watt). Use our Powercall 6DX 100 Watt siren driver for optimum performance, available on our website.

Each siren is built in Northern Virginia, by the owner and has a 2 year parts warranty. The Powercall Siren is a distinct tone that gets people’s attention quicker than your typical siren sounds. So, grab your Powercall Siren today and don't forget to look for the "Fierstien Brand".


Our Popular Emergency Sirens-

Powercall DX5200 Emergency Siren

Powercall R6-Adam Siren

Powecall 6-adam Electronic Siren

Powercall KMB-600 (Coming Soon)

Powercall X71 Emergency Sirens

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