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Siren Repairs and Warranty Information

All New Powercall Emergency Sirens have a 2 year parts warranty on the internal working parts. The warranty covers any damage or non working components inside the acutal siren itself due to a failure on the electronics or components of the unit. Damage to the unit due to user neglect or installation discrepancies are not covered under warranty. For question regarding what is covered under warranty please feel free to contact us directly.

You do not need an RA or RGA to send our unit's back in for repair. Please ensure when sending your unit back that you enclose a writeup with the following information:

1) The unit's model number.
2) A detailed explanation of what the problem is with the unit and
3) A correct contact email and telephone number.
4) Advise the correct return shipping address including any names/company names.

Ensure that you send your unit back with any/all controllers and/or wiring harnesses if applicable. We highly recommend UPS for all shipments with insurance. If you choose to send your unit back via priority mail or UPS Uninsured, this is at your own risk.


Use of USPS is at your own risk and Powercall takes no responsibility for damaged items.
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Some Common Questions Asked about the repairs of our units
1) Smell of burning in the unit. We have found that speakers being shorted out, wires being pinched or incorrect wiring of the speakers have caused this. If the speakers are wiring incorrectly or they are mounted in a location that does not get proper air flow, this may cause the speaker to fail, which is not covered under any Powercall warranty. The best way to verify this is to take the cover off the top of the unit and see if either one of the large round transformers are burnt. It will be obvious if it is.

2) Unit comes on, PA system works, but no sound. We have found that a large jolt of the older DX5200 sirens (Jolt meaning it was dropped, it took a fall or it got hit somehow by something) may alter how the microprocessor sits in the housing of the siren. This is rare, but it has been seen. Since we had a few instances of this, we have changed the microprocessor housing in mid 2013 to hold the processor better. Since this change, there have been no issues.
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