Type B Powershield Sticker

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These decals are available from 2" to 34" Tall. They are made for the outside of your vehicles window and have a layer of applications tape on them most commonly to assist you with installing them on your vehicles window or other location.

Customize this item to your company. Remember to fully explain what you would like. The more information we have, the quicker we can process your request!

Our Reflective Vinyl is 3M's top of the line exterior material and has the best life and overall look for your decal. We hightly recommend our decals in reflective as they look much nicer and last longer. For a reference, the material is 3M's 280I and 680I with Control Tac.

Our Non-Reflective vinyl is also 3M's top shelf non reflective vinyl. It also is made to go on the outside of your vehicles window and always has application tape on it to help you install it.

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